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Sunday, May 1, 2016

disintegrating kindle cable

disintegrating kindle cord, kindle cable falling apart

Almost 4 years in and its white rubber covering has started to break apart and fall off. Had to tape it together to keep it from making a mess and exposing the silver hair-like layer and wires inside. Looks ugly now but it still works. At least it didn't fall apart too soon compared to other reports of disintegrating kindle cords.

Occasionally been packing my next-day's breakfast when there are leftovers.

pork, potatoes, rice, baon, baunan, leftover food

This baunan is deep. Gives an illusion that there's not much inside but that right there is 2 rice-paddle servings of kanin already (think half a plate-full of rice na).

Saturday, April 9, 2016

easy oreo cookies and cream cake

Lazy, Easy Oreo Cookies and Cream Ref Cake

oreos and cream ref cake


14 Oreo cookies
1 tetra pack all-purpose cream (cooled for 30 mins in the fridge or 10 minutes in the freezer)


Whip the cold cream but not too much - we don't want it stiff.

In a standard-sized, rectangular plastic container, layer cookies: this container fits 6 oreos flat & 2 standing on a short side. Layer half of cream. Layer last 6 oreos flat; tempting but resist the urge to press them into the cream (we want a defined cream layer between the cookies). Add remaining cream. Top with whatever you like - powdered dark chocolate or sprinkles or nothing at all.

Cover and put in chiller overnight so the cookies will soften and the cream, set. "Chiller" ba yun? Basta the compartment that cools things faster than the fridge.

Yum. Rich, thick cookies and cream ice cream cake. Eat right away, we don't want it to melt!

P.S. I shared.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2 financial tips for the average person from warren buffet


1. Avoid Debt. Especially Credit Card Debt.

Warren Buffet says, "Well, you never want to owe money you can't pay. I'm basically against debt. I mean, I think the average individual will live a lot happier life if they avoid... They certainly ought to avoid credit card debt.

I mean, there's no reason in the world to pay 18% for money... I can't make money paying 18% for money so, why should people up and down the street do that?"

2. If You Have Savings, Buy Funds Monthly and Buy Them for the Long-Term. Do Not Dance In and Out of It.

Warren Buffet says, "If you have savings, and it's a good idea to have them if you can, just buy index funds and just buy them every month. And don't listen to financial advisers like me (laughs), don't read financial pages or... You don't need to do it.

I mean, if you buy a farm, you don't get a weather forecast every morning, you don't get a quote on the farm every morning -- you look at the farm itself and say, 'Is this farm going to produce so many bushels an acre of corn, of soy beans, and is that satisfactory in relation to what I pay?'

If you buy a piece of American industry, and you get a cross-section, you're going to do well over 10 or 20 or 30 years. But you're not going to do it if you're trying to dance in and out everyday.

The Dow Jones Average started the 20th century at $66. It ended at $11,400. You say, 'How could you lose money entering a period like that?! (laughs)' A lot of people did because they tried to dance in and out.

But American businesses have done fine for investors over a long period of time, just like American farms have done fine for people, American apartment houses have done well for people over a long period of time. You can't dance in and out of them."


Monday, April 4, 2016

pldt dsl on april 4

usb led bulb from lazada ph

this usb led bulb's light is good and bright

My lamp is broken. Bought this USB LED bulb from the online shop, Lazada PH. Note re: Lazada, since I've signed up, I've received email spam... a lot of it... everyday. From shopping to gambling sites (mostly from gambling domains). Lazada can share our email address with their "affiliates," says so in their terms last I checked. Bad.

04/04/2016 1:58 AM MONDAY
No Internet connection. Lost it around 1:10 a.m. Couldn't reach the pldt modem to power-cycle. Waited 20 minutes, thought that maybe it'll come back. It didn't. OK, can do nothing about it now. It'll have to wait till morning. Hello, bed.

04/04/2016 8:59 PM MONDAY
Got up at 10 a.m. Still offline. Went to modem. All lights good. Turned modem off. Checked dial tone. It's fine. Checked pldt account. It's current, paid in advance pa nga e. Turned modem on... we're online. SIGH.
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