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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Walter Mart grocery delivery


Buying groceries online from Walter Mart's grocery delivery website works.

I ordered and paid on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The soonest time slots open for delivery were on Saturday, Feb. 18. Wow, it fills up quickly. I chose the 1-3 pm slot on the 18th. The minimum cart total is 2000 pesos to go through.

Delivery was supposed to be free for first-time customers but when I got to the ipay88 payments page, 300 pesos for delivery was added. Hmm. *UPDATE Feb.22: They returned 300 pesos to my credit card so, delivery was free!

Everything was through email:

1. Received my order confirmation with the itemized grocery list and the ipay88 payment info within minutes of completing checkout on the 15th (Wednesday afternoon).

2. On the 16th (Thursday morning), received an email that my order has been scheduled for delivery.

That's it.

Today, the 18th, my order was delivered at 12:15 pm. Happy.

Everything was well packed. My receipt was good and everything was accounted for.

For my needs, if not for the high minimum amount required and high delivery fee, I think I'd buy from the Walter Mart online grocery delivery shop all the time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Puregold online delivery


I wanted this to work. Sayang.

Puregold online grocery store

They're only taking COD (cash on delivery) as of now. I don't think they're implementing this well cuz at the checkout page, there was no message box to enter instructions like how much change they should prepare. So I assume someone will just get in touch but I don't like that cuz that means we'll be texting back and forth and I hate waiting for replies.

I ordered in the morning. It's next-day delivery so I had to wait (delivery fee is 80 pesos if the cart total is below 3000 pesos). I downloaded the pdf of my shopping list from the transactions page, a nice feature, actually (for a moment I thought my list was gone forever). The pdf included the auto-assigned branch too.

At 4pm the next day, I received a text from Puregold Southpark (my auto-assigned branch) asking which area I'm in. I answered. They texted back to say they'll refer my order to a closer branch which is Puregold JR. Okay.

After 30 minutes, I followed up. They replied that Puregold JR only had 2 out of my 11-item list available. Nyak.

Of course, I cancelled.

They also gave me the cell no. for a contact in Puregold JR. They said I can text that directly if ever I want to order again. They apologized and offered a plan b. Yeah, this failed.

Monday, February 13, 2017


When you open the door and smell piss.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Muji moisturizing milk (light)

Muji moisturizing milk (light) 50 ml travel-size bottle

I really like this. My face feels so soft after it dries. Application is tricky though. I have to be quick doing it.

I squeeze a thick 1-inch line out on my finger, pat fingers of both hands quickly over it as evenly but not rubbing because I want all of it on my face. I swipe fingers one after the other on different areas of my face then spread the lotion gently while it's wet. When it starts to feel sticky, I gently pat my face then stop and just leave it to be absorbed. It takes some minutes to dry and when it does... Ohhh, baby soft and supple!

I got this at the Muji to Go store at JFK international airport (Terminal 5) for $4.50 + tax. We were on our way to Terminal 4 and there it was! Wee! Anyway, I was excited and had to buy something from Muji. I would've rolled around and bought more if it weren't so cramped in there. But... Happy!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

BDO send money for pickup anywhere

FAIL. This Palawan branch on Russia Street does not receive from BDO's Send Money online.

Sayang. Someone has to learn how to use the ATM, then.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Microwaved egg

Egg, leftover menudo and fried rice (under the egg)

Egg was microwaved. We managed not to over-cook it this time. Such a pretty sunny side-up egg.

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