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Hanako delivery dona soledad via honestbee

Honestbee has a P200-off promo for first-time food orders. I used it yesterday. I picked Hanako. Japanese food. It has a branch along Dona Soledad Ave. That's close enough. - California Maki = yummy - Gyoza = fried but got here soggy na - Ebi Tempura = same as the gyoza, soggy So, either Hanako cools the fried orders before closing the containers for delivery or I don't order fried items from them anymore.
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FarmStay Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel

Aloe Vera gel by FarmStay (Korea)
The weather in Metro Manila now has turned you-immediately-sweat-straight-out-of-the-shower muggy unless you have the a/c on 24/7 (which I don't).
You can't use regular lotion in this weather cuz it doesn't get absorbed properly.
Using this aloe vera gel is much better. This particular one by FarmStay smells nice and clean, and is absorbed completely. It is light on the skin. Not icky at all. I like it.

Monterey pork tocino

Dry chicken adobo with marble potatoes

I cooked again. This is yummmeeeee! :)

Trying to call bpi 89100

... Is such a waste of time.I have been trying to get through to them the whole day. I have called so many times.Each time their phone system picks up, I am put on hold. Aaaaaarghhhh!

Unionbank to paymaya delay

It happened again... Waah.
Unionbank to Paymaya funding delay (via online bills payment): sent the money last Friday, early afternoon, pero wala padin ngayon, Monday na.
Usually, the payments are credited within two hours, but sometimes ganito... Delayed. Kailangan pang i-report sa Paymaya Support. *Update: The money showed up in my account na after a week, as a credit adjustment. Buti naman.

Brunch sobrang busog

Purefoods cocktail hotdogs, tomato omelet (puno ng matamis na kamatis sa loob), & garlic fried rice.
Nabusog ako, sobra. Sumakit tuloy ulo ko... Nyek.
Salamat sa pagkain, Lord.