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Thursday, July 23, 2015

mango sale at zalora ph

mango sale at zalora ph
Mango online sale at Zalora PH. Bought a nice Mango dress at 60% off. Purchased Saturday night and delivered Monday morning. Awesome.

Monday, July 13, 2015

win 8.1 shutdown but power still on

7/6/15, Monday

A desktop PC user with Win 8.1 will eventually come across an issue when shutting down the machine. That issue is the hybrid shutdown. Apparently, this default setting keeps the power on long enough as it preps for a "fast startup." I only discovered this last night.

Two weeks into upgrading the system, I already noticed that when I shut down, the monitor powers off first but the tower will run for more than 10 secs before it then completely powers off. I was OK with that, I could wait.

But at last night's shutdown, 5 minutes after the monitor went blank, the power led light and fan were still on. The processing indicator light already stopped blinking and was off. Hesitantly, I had to hold the power button down so it will turn off completely.

Now, given my recent computer problem, that was done with a sense of pending anxiety.

I looked it up and saw that "shutdown but power still on" was an old issue for desktop PC users with Win 8 (and now, 8.1) because of this hybrid shutdown.

The known solution is to uncheck "Turn on fast startup" within the power options, save and then restart the system. This fix will disable the hybrid shutdown. I will do this if, pray, my machine boots up normally (if at all) today.

UPDATE: Issue solved. Thanks to disabling fast startup. The monitor and tower powers off simultaneously now. Boot-up takes some seconds longer but that is OK.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

heny sison baking class pastries

pastries from heny sison baking class

Someone took a baking class at the Heny Sison school and came back with these pastries that they (their teacher, actually) made. Thanks and Yum! I liked the biscotti with one end dipped in white and the other in dark chocolate. The lady fingers in the tiramisu were made from scratch and were too sweet. I was not able to taste the madeleines and the pastry on the upper left (I forget what it is called).

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 19-20 about the computer

overclocking screen

June 19, 2015, Friday

Short story:
Hard shutdown. Overclocking error. Messed up display. Restarts by itself. Bluescreens. Then, PC fan turns on but no beep and no post. No joy.

Long story:
It was on. I just turned the monitor off and forgot about it. I pressed the power button (quick press) thinking I was turning it on which actually shut it down. I realized my mistake.

The power light on the tower was still on so I had to do a hard shutdown/shut-off (hold down the power button) so I can start again. On bootup, It showed the "boot failure because of overclocking" screen. I continued as normal.

Related: The only other time I had this "overclocking" screen was last month. I remember that the machine took longer than normal to boot. I did a hard shutdown, powered on, saw the overclocking screen which I took a picture of (see image above), continued as normal and was able to work without a glitch.

Back to the long story...

PART 1: While working, the display went crazy and then, the PC froze > hard shutdown, powered on > "...boot failures because of overclocking" screen > pressed any key to continue and then chose Shut Down from the login screen.

PART 2: After a few minutes, powered on > 3 long beeps > power light is on but no post. Hard shut-off.

PART 3: 10 minutes later, turned on, posted OK and normal login then > immediately restarted by itself > chose Safe Mode, logged in > quickly restarted by itself > chose Safe Mode > logged in, it ran OK long enough to show "recovered from unexpected shutdown" box then > blue screen (with dump), then > quickly restarted by itself > chose Shut Down from login screen. Turned off AVR and unplugged/plugged keyboard usb (wireless, just because it is the only thing new on the desktop pc, been using it for less than a month).

PART 4: 20 minutes later, powered on, posted OK, normal login > 15 minutes in and then > crazy display then, it shut off by itself. The case's power light was still on so, hard shutdown > turned off avr and unplugged/plugged keyboard usb.

PART 5: 3 hours later, posted OK > chose Start Normally, logged in OK, showed "recovered from unexpected shutdown" box (problem details - event name: bluescreen) BUT audio service not running, etc. > restarted from Start Menu to fix > fixed OK > able to use (but Firefox kept crashing) for 20 minutes, then > crazy display then > restarted by itself > chose Start Normally > barely 2 minutes in, bluescreen came on and then it just shut off. Again, power light was still on so, held power button down to turn off. Turned off AVR too.

PART 6: 1 hour later, removed keyboard usb and plugged ps/2 to test. Powered on > fan on, no post. Again had to hold power button down to shut power off. Turned off AVR. Unplugged ps/2 and plugged in keyboard usb. Unplugged AVR from wall. I was done.

June 20, 2015, Saturday

Luckily, help came. Very lucky. I was relieved when he got one of my many messages (texts, emails - I did not know which accounts he still uses).

They were out and on their way home. Around 11:30 p.m., they stopped by.

Troubleshooting: The mobo is OK. The processor is OK. The memory cards... Well, it took a while and some eraser-work but they were OK. Hmm... nothing showing up on the screen -- might be the display thing (on mobo) but after some tinkering, the display fired up -- it is OK.

The system was repairing... it was taking tooooooo long.

Diagnosis: System files are shot.

Treatment: Reformat.

It took a little over 2 hours. They had a long day and were tired but they were so nice to me. I was sorry all I had was a handful of garlic corn bits to offer when they became hungry. I took over installing the last few drivers so they can already head home. Business done. Did I say I was lucky they were able to come to the rescue? I was.

A few notes: Watch out for "tripping" (clicking sound, power off, no fan) which has to do with the PSU (power supply). Consider an SSD (solid-state drive) for better speed/performance.
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