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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Where to buy US dollars in the Philippines?

Other than money changers... Bank of Commerce! We can buy US dollars at Bank of Commerce. You don't even have to be an account-holder to do it too. Good to know.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Airplane food

Beef and potatoes, Asiana economy, JFK-ICN, January 2017

Yummy, especially the cheesecake. It was strange that Asiana served only 2 meals + 1 snack on this long flight (~13 hours). On the ICN-JFK flight some months ago, Asiana served more because I remember thinking, "We're going to eat again?"

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Saito's hibachi dinner

Hibachi dinner at Saito's Japanese Restaurant

It was delicious. We shared fried ice cream for dessert.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rainy day

More shopping on

It raining now. A little gloomy and dark in here. I kind of like it. is wonderful when you're in the US. While it's not 100% efficient - I've had a couple of late shipments and wrong products - their mistakes so far were not major to complain about. I did want to give mom the Tena Ultimate 10 pads she wanted but - just received the package today - they sent the Tena Active 30 pads instead. Amazon itself was the seller so... Oh well, nevermind.

I have a few more little things coming from Amazon, mostly groceries. I would've preferred to go to Walmart but it's raining (powerchair must not get wet) and some items I want are on top shelves that I couldn't reach even with my grabber. But it's ok. I still like going there even if it's just to roam around, and people are generally helpful.

A nice lady offered to help me reach a Goody hair ties pack that I was staring at for a while at Target two weeks ago. I heard her say, "See, it only takes a moment of your time..." to her kid as they walked away. I assume she was giving him a lesson about being helpful. That's nice.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Love u tita dada


I love my new bracelet. Love you, my darlings! Thank you! :)

Last brunch in 2016

Mandarin oranges, turkey bacon, egg, rice

Today is the last day of the year. We went to a movie theater yesterday and saw "Moana" for the darlings. I liked it. It was beautifully made and... it didn't revolve around a romantic love story for once, yay!

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