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Monday, August 10, 2015

win 8.1 clean install usb

I prep'd for it so I'm going to do it, dammit!

I prepared on and off for a week: researched, went through the steps and what to expect in my head, learned possible snags and their fixes (from other people's first-hand accounts), prep'd what I needed to use, backed up drivers and my files, wrote down my key and printed out my step-by-step notes. It took a while but I was ready (and pumped).

August 5, 2015: Clean install of Win 8.1 via bootable USB. Success!

There were only 2 things that my notes didn't cover:

usb boot options There were multiple one-time boot options on my mobo (press F12 to get to this boot menu on GA-A75M-UD2H). There were 4 choices for USB. Obviously, USB-Zip and USB-CDROM were out. I thought, "Oh, USB-HDD but what is this USB-FDD?" [Six minutes later...] Ok, not FDD. Should've went with my gut and picked HDD the first time but no harm done and lesson learned. Uhm, yeah, pick USB-HDD.

NOTE: The bootable USB was easily created with Window's official media creation tool for 8.1 - the whole process of downloading and creating this took me 3 hours so I'm glad I made it in advance (and before they take it off their site).

please unplug the usbIt told me to "Please unplug..." (the USB). Weh? Funny no one mentioned this but sure, I did what I was told... dundundun...

"Getting Ready..." "Personalizing..." Hello, 8.1!

So quick and easy, I couldn't believe it. That was it? What, even with me going through custom settings, it was less than 30 minutes? Holy...

checking drivers
Some minutes in, it automatically ran a drivers-check and the AMD HD display was installed so I didn't need to run the chipset one I had as backup. Everything was ok. I only manually installed the Realtek audio driver to boost the volume (I also had this driver backed up during prep).

I have so much free space now!

I turned off fast startup too before that could give me problems.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

mango sale at zalora ph

mango sale at zalora ph
Mango online sale at Zalora PH. Bought a nice Mango dress at 60% off. Purchased Saturday night and delivered Monday morning. Awesome.

Monday, July 13, 2015

win 8.1 shutdown but power still on

7/6/15, Monday

A desktop PC user with Win 8.1 will eventually come across an issue when shutting down the machine. That issue is the hybrid shutdown. Apparently, this default setting keeps the power on long enough as it preps for a "fast startup." I only discovered this last night.

Two weeks into upgrading the system, I already noticed that when I shut down, the monitor powers off first but the tower will run for more than 10 secs before it then completely powers off. I was OK with that, I could wait.

But at last night's shutdown, 5 minutes after the monitor went blank, the power led light and fan were still on. The processing indicator light already stopped blinking and was off. Hesitantly, I had to hold the power button down so it will turn off completely.

Now, given my recent computer problem, that was done with a sense of pending anxiety.

I looked it up and saw that "shutdown but power still on" was an old issue for desktop PC users with Win 8 (and now, 8.1) because of this hybrid shutdown.

The known solution is to uncheck "Turn on fast startup" within the power options, save and then restart the system. This fix will disable the hybrid shutdown. I will do this if, pray, my machine boots up normally (if at all) today.

UPDATE: Issue solved. Thanks to disabling fast startup. The monitor and tower powers off simultaneously now. Boot-up takes some seconds longer but that is OK.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

heny sison baking class pastries

pastries from heny sison baking class

Someone took a baking class at the Heny Sison school and came back with these pastries that they (their teacher, actually) made. Thanks and Yum! I liked the biscotti with one end dipped in white and the other in dark chocolate. The lady fingers in the tiramisu were made from scratch and were too sweet. I was not able to taste the madeleines and the pastry on the upper left (I forget what it is called).
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